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What types of chatbots are there?

If you’re looking for a chatbot for your customer service, you should look for more than one chatbot tool. You can use one of several types of chatbots to communicate, take orders, or answer customer questions. Below are some of the different types of chatbot, including the popular and popular AI chatbot.

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What are the different types of chatbots?

What types of chatbots actually exist? There are rule-based bots (click bots or FAQ bots), bots with artificial intelligence (AI bots) and application-oriented bots that combine both rule-based and intelligent dialog systems. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the different types of chatbots and show you the most important areas of application of chatbots and best cases.

How do you use chatfuel?

When it comes to digital communication, hardly anything has been discussed as often in recent months as interacting with bots. They are also becoming increasingly interesting for museums and cultural institutions — after all, there is often a shortage of personnel here. Can the dream of a fully automated visitor dialogue on social media be fulfilled? Can a ChatBot even